My Journey To WordcampKE 2011

It has been a joyous journey filled with a beehive of activities, including the recent gruesome murder of Gadaffi.But lets ot go there. for now and forever. Among the most notable, is the JKUAT Tech expo, ‘My Trip to Botswana’ , SCOSIT Hackathon and the list is literally endless. It so happened that it was my first techexpo to attend as yet it is usually hosted at my campus annually due to my indifference. Even our folks come from the west and they go for safaris at our local parks while most of us who are born,raised,attain maturity and even some would die without ever setting foot on these parks. I would call that mediocrity.

The Expo was outstanding with presentations from various categories that had been subdivide into five categories but most inclined on the techy side. Anyway, there is no other side to deal in as of this 21st century, is there? ‘ My trip to Botswana’ is a great story that was told to me by a representative from our Wikimedia Kenya Unchapter who had gone to give some training about editing the Setswana wikipedia It was a very pleasant experince to my ears and i felt that I had achieved in a way. If not for listenng to the succes story, at least for the few things that I helped with to make the trip a tremendous success.

And without forgetting wordcampKE. It is one of a kind in East and Central Africa. It is a very good trip and the best way to spend the weekend without the hussle and bustle of the city. Above all it presents a nice chance to network.


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