My 11/11/11 Weekend.

So far so good the weekend starting on 11/11/11 is the best that I have heard this year. I made my wish as it was the trendy and glorified thing to do. My wish “Have an awesome weekend”. My presence at Wordcamp Kenya 2011 was confirmed and my attendance of the Wikimedia Kenya meeting at the iHub. All started well on Saturday morning nonetheless lacking some breakfast as the school mess was under lock and key courtesy of the strike by the University’s non-teaching staff. We met up with some folks at the ‘airport’ outside my University who were headed to iHub to attend the meeting. The journey started well until we reached Utalii Hotel where the traffic jam ilikuwa imeshikana (was motionless). We had to take a deviation and headed towards Mathare slams. My experience there was not that satisfying as I saw the awful living surroundings that people put up with in their day to day lives. I noted that if we send guys there for WTN, there security and that of their gadgets might be compromised. You would note guys sitting around idle chatting in groups as early as 0900H. I was very nervous and even told a friend sitted next to me that, had the Matatu broken down I would not set foot outside into the slums. We finally got to town and met up with some more Wikipedians at the Kencom stage then we headed to the iHub.
At the iHub we met some other Wikipedians who had already arrived. The meeting went live after five minutes of putting the faces to the names that we usually see on the mailing list. Heather started by highlighting on her recent findings about editing trends by Wikipedians. Just to note, she spoke about Wikipedia dependable sources, there are little news articles in Swahili, there are distributed opinions on Value of Swahili Wikipedia and there is need for essential literacies (sources, copvios, and notability) and the role of external organizations on the process of volunteerism to mention but a few.  As the meeting went on, I had several questions running through my mind about a new Wikipedian who we were expecting to arrive. The case was so because she was a Wikipedian newbie, the only thing that I knew about her was the name as it had featured on our mailing list once. When she came in, the entire do-while loops that had been running in succession in my mind came to an end after this looked-for condition was met. She was Drop-dead gorgeous and ….. 😉
We then took a break to take some pizza for our lunch before proceeding for the afternoon session where several Wikimedia Kenya members gave updates on the various projects they had been mandated to oversee/facilitate. WTN had been rescheduled to next year because the striking lecturers had influenced the closure of some universities as we anticipated most participants would have been university students, our budget too was quite generous and so there was dire need to scale down the prices. There was need for a way to get feedback on the Wikipedia for schools project. The possibility of involving high school students in translating some English articles to Swahili was also deliberated. A brief count of what happened at the just concluded 5-star WISE conference also featured at our meet up.
There being no other business, we discussed other bits about our chapter and I proceeded to Naivasha for the Wordcamp that shall feature in my next post….. See you there.


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