Danger of being Facebook friends with your boss.

So you are feeling important that your big boss has finally approved your friend request on facebook.
While you can play the conservative participant, where you remain cautious on what debates to indulge in and what rants you post,what if your friends carelessly post comments about the safaricom safari sevens you attended with them the other day,when you had asked permission to Seek treatment for a “splitting stomach ache”
Let the boss interact with his equals.it just gives too many loopholes for conflicts.
If you are already in the same network with your boss, too bad. You may just have to limit your participation in conversations.

Your boss might be keenly be following and sometimes posting you a comment to urge you in your ignorance . Back in his/her mind, the image of you not being someone who can be taken seriously will be very much alive.

If you make a stupid comment,it could be interpreted as a general representation of your character,even in the workplace.
If the comments do have hidden meanings,or contain humorous connotations, then anything you say will be taken as unrealiable,thus labelling you as unreliable. 


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