My first flight.

Kwa miaka na mikaka wao wa Tanzania ni wandani wetu wa dhati, japo nilifika kwao kwa kifupi kuwaamkua, nyoyo zao nyeupe kama dheluji!

I might have lost you there and you are now giggling.

I have to meet Abbas in town so that he can give me a number of swags that he just received from Wikimedia Germany. I am escorted by Oscar to Nairobi as he gives me the procedures and what to expect when I get to the airport. Being my first time to fly out of my country there is a lot of adrenaline whooshing through my body. Questions too are enumerable; Will I see another aircraft passing by overtaking or moving in the opposite direction? what will the air hostess look like? Will she be as hot as the ones we see on adverts on TV? How will the takeoff be? How will the landing be? And I was waiting to experience some jetlag as I had already been used to this phenomenon on our mailing list. On reaching town there was another Wikipedian, Alex and we had a quick unpremeditated meet up and the whole thing was to have the basic tips to use in Tanzania and of course some chapter stuff. At around 2.30pm I take my taxi to the airport with a bag packed with 20 T-shirts and some other swag.

My hand book is “Wikipedia readers Guide”. I learn a number of very important tips from this book especially on reliability of Wikipedia. My audience at the workshop shall also consist of some lecturers and reliability of Wikipedia has been an argumentative issue around academics. Before I get to the airport there is a traffic jam that is motionless and I start feeling like I can move out and start running towards the airport as I can’t afford to miss this golden chance, but again as I try to open the car door the car starts moving and what comes in mind is the ‘Newton’s law of queuing’ – When you move from one queue to another, the one you left instantaneously starts moving. Patience is a virtue which is rare to have. I finally get to the airport 15 minutes to my flight and am frisked by the security guys who seem to take longer than I had thought. At the check in the lady is so intimidating as if I am being given a free bus ride. She refuses to check in my heavy bag that’s full of T-shirts and she tells me to carry it with me onboard. As time is not on my side I rush towards the check in gate number 3 after clearing with the Immigration officers. At the check in there is no queue and this is to my advantage it is now only five minutes before guys start boarding. I have to cool down and at least get some rest after the hustle to reach this stage……..

While I was in Tanzania is up next;)


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