My Resignation Letter

I am here tendering my resignation as an adult. I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of a five year old again I want to think that sweets are better than a thousand shilling bill because you can eat them. That a 40-shilling coin is worth more than a thousand shilling bill because it is prettier and weighs more. I want to return to a time when life was simple. when all I knew were colors, multiplication tables and fairy tales I don’t want my day to consist of depressing news,gossip,financial frustrations and ‘politics’.I want to think the world is fair.That everyone is honest and good, I want to believe in the power  of smiles and hugs, a kind word,truth,dreams and imagination.
So here is  my check book, car keys, my credit cards, my ATM cards, my ID card, My insurance premiums, My jobs, My house and my email addresses, my mobile phone and my computer, my watch and most importantly my Voters card.

I am officially resigning from adult hood and if you want to discuss further you’ll need to chase and catch me.
Am now sounding reminiscent but I think I have missed the days of yore when the air was clean and sex was dirty. When we could go for nature walks in the now depleted forests, when we could go watch the spectacular water falls and when we had sustainable rains all year round.
I was so pitied recently as I was going through the local dailies, when I saw the Bongo antelope (a rare kind found on the slopes of mount Kenya)being returned back to Kenya after it had been taken to safe custody abroad. From my little biology I know that keeping such a noble creature away from its niche would certainly have negative effects and some positive ones too if any.

To end this litany we should try and at least restore our forests then the rest shall follow .Lets plant trees and let them live-it is such a cinch!!”


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