Who will be the next President?

Whenever I think of January 2007,I get shivers.Not because it scares me but because I cannot process the madness we went through as a country.On my part,I considered buying an illegal gun-even a bazooka.I was prepared to decimate any aggressor on my path,seriously! Despite the violence and the shake-up nothing has changed.The turmoil has not taken us to a higher ground as a country. We had to abort the emerging order in favor of power sharing because our leaders were hungry for power and positions.

Now we have a cease fire gov’t that passes for a grand coalition,a forced “unity of opposites” that pretends to be one.In other words we are buying time with this coalition.Their lack of statesmanship made them rush for a half baked legless coalition. Now we have to start all over again in search for a new order.Who will midwife the new-order?A Kenya with a new constitutional and economic order;one with an equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities?

Let us begin with president K ibaki.Can he midwife?The answer is an absolute NO! Because I need to get an A this time round.End of discussion. What about his blue-eyed boys?Mr.Kalonzo Musyoka and Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta?In my view the two represent the old Kenya.The apparent Kibaki plan is to have Mr. Musyoka Succeed him and Kenyatta become prime minister or vice versa!But not likely..This is not a deviation from the Kibaki strategy of 2007 in which he gunned for “one-tribe-and-a-bit”.That is so long as he had the GEMA vote,all he needed was ‘a bit’ Support from Everywhere.This formula is home and will not bring healing to our country let alone order.

The other possible midwife is PM Raila Odinga.The man has potential,but I have beef with him.One I have studied him for the last one year and I have absolutely no idea what Mr. Odinga stands for.If there is someone out there with an idea I beg to be educated.T wo,and like Mr. Do To My Own Interest (D.T. Moi), he is more of a tactician than a strategist.For the term he has been PM,all he has engaging in is “rocking chair “politics.Like a rocking chair,The intention is to keep us busy.An example here is a stunt he pulled at the late Kirima’s burial.He managed to mumble some words in Gikuyu-had learnt at the back stage)which he to try and make fun.I think he was trying to to appraise the slogan of the Agikuyu“andu a nyumba”(people of the same house).He was trying to associate with the people of Mt. Kenya now that his friends of 2007 are his newest foes.He later started criticizing MOI on his views about the Constitution.Moi was only giving his views though at the wrong place.This Raila’s behavior is completely ‘moish’ and charming.Oh,and not forgetting Raila’s stunts here and there recently about the appointment of the jurors and one controller of budget. And not forgetting his other stunts saying he was now being targeted by mercenaries! This is what I am calling strategy to get empathy. He is trying to convince Kenyans that the government is up against him because he is upholding the constitution which his PNU counterparts have not so far. Even the nominated MP Miss Milly has recorded statements in the past but her security men said after they left her for the night at her hotel room they later so her sneak and left in her car to an unknown destination, then she later went to report that she had been threatened.

I do not see a plan or pattern to them. They can only be described as higgeledy-piggledy.This is what makes me doubt his ability to mid-wife a new Kenya does not have to be a politician, a Kenyatta or an Odinga for that matter. What about the opposition, can they midwife a new Kenya? In other words of Voltaire, the French philosopher”….I would rather be led by a lion than a hundred rats.” And this is how we must consider the opposition. Although many, they are like a hundred rats,no coordination and no oomph. So the question who can mid wife the new Kenya?


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