I think it is safaricom vs the rest, they are playing a home match!

IMO, Safaricom has played it smart and well. While they were busy slashing down the prices, Safaricom was busy improving its services and introducing new ones as well.

I would rather pay for a service that exists, rather than live by a promise of free services that I can’t even access. Be it calling, SMS or the internet access. If they were that good I think they would never be free.

Sometime back I used to roam nationally by having to migrate across networks for the reason they were cheaper and appeared better, as depicted from the adverts. Some of my friends had four mobile numbers on which they could reach me. I remember one time a friend asked me “kwani wewe ni mwizi? Hizi number zote ni za nini” (Are you a thief, what are all these phone numbers for?)

Remember the Ideos? The offer made the dream of many Kenyans to own a smart phone true. It was first introduced at what I would call ‘bei ya kupewa’ (a throw away price) of KES 8,499 plus KES 1,000 airtime and 600mb of data. When you do the mathematics right the net price was coming to KES 6,500!

Later came in the sambaza bonga points service. Some traded them for money with colleagues while some sambazad them for free and then there was this bunch that used to steal them. But again Safaricom came in with the PIN protection of the same.

The SafaricomCloud is an addition to the list.

The twitter customer care is awe-inspiring and cannot be matched with any other I know of.

The new M-PESA visa card is even better. Since almost everyone is going the mobile apps way, then the visa comes in convenient, either to pay for the app to be hosted in the respective markets or to buy an app. Online shopping is also setting foot and this shall require this Visa card that is easily topped up via M-PESA.

Keep up Safaricom!

I am a very contented customer for the services that safaricom offers me.

On other hand, the limit for internet speeds while on the unlimited tariff averts me from giving the entire 3 points for a home win.


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