Meet the bots!

The sum to all human knowledge is still 110 million articles short to be anywhere close to completion. It is a work in progress with 100K contributors who make >5 edits per month which is a good number of contributors though not enough-especially from the so called global south. These computer robots are used to run some automated tasks on articles to avoid redundaMeet the bots!nt work on Wikipedia. As much as they make work easier, their judgement is nowhere close to that of the humans’. There are about 1600 bots which do quite a lot of work because some have more than 4 million edits on Wikipedia which is a nice job.

There is this other bunch of bots that I have been encountering everytime I create a new article. They have been nominating my articles for deletion! While citing various reasons that to me seem silly and unfounded- be it ‘Notability’, ‘sounds like an advertisement’, ‘doesn’t meet the GNG‘ and so many more. Some mis informedly post on my talk page advising me as if I just created my account, I should visit the start page for newbies. I have more than 2000 edits in all Wikimedia projects and it is because am strong hearted to the extent that I have been taking kahawa tungu (bitter coffee) with the bots for 11 months or so. If it sounds like an advertisement, then there is the COE team who can do the necessary to ensure the language is encyclopedic and I will learn from it.

Most newbies have cited these deletions as the major reason of quiting or retiring from editing the English Wikipedia. Mostly, when you start to write about a Kenyan/African story it is not notable – on the contrary – I have been working on the backlog category of articles lacking description on the template person data and from what I see some articles are on Wikipedia for all the wrong reasons according to me.But thinking on giving it a second thought, that person could be notable in Mexico as a country or whenever he hails from.  While articles about the Nyayo House, Bring Zack Back Home and the List of places Moi opened are not notable.

It costs me a fortune in this part of the world to be connected on the Internet and people here do not have the willingness to invest their money doing free non-paid work. They prefer to tweet or facebook because no one will never delete the noise or party pictures they  post there.

Or can we have a! where we write about our country?


2 thoughts on “Meet the bots!

    • It is not only Africa but it happens to all other contributors. My point is sometimes these robots malfunction or they just meet a new constraint which they were not programmed to tackle – the result is usually fatal in this case!

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