Woot Woot! We are at 4 million articles in the quest to compile the sum of all human knowledge. Wikipedia is in  deed an idealized perfection bringing togetW letterher so many and so diverse to built it. Having been founded in 2001 by Jimmy Whales and Larry Sanger, it is now the largest on-line collaborative work in progress. With 4 million articles, we are in deed getting closer to the sum of all human knowledge mark. This milestone came during this years Wikimania and it gave the Wikipedia editors that nice and blissful feeling of having pressed the [[edit]] button and even better for those who pressed it for their first time at Wikimania! Most eyes were on new pages log trying to catch the 4 millionth entry and when it clocked it was all ululations at Wikimania in Washington DC. This time the lucky article was Izbat Al Burj which was authored by User:Meno25.

I cannot forget the previous millions from previous years; 1M articles (Jordanhill railway station) on March 1, 2006,, 2M articles (El Hormiguero) on September 13, 2007 and 3M articles (Beate Eriksen) on August 17, 2009. The next question is which Wikipedia language out of the 282 shall be next to achieve their next million?



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