My Wordcamp Experience

Wordcamp 2012 was bigger and better than any I have attended in Kenya! By my own judging, there were more people attending, a better environment and the rooms were awesome. The food was also plenty yet we were in Kamba land 🙂 Most of the presentations were awe-inspiring and the evening of  Saturday got better at the bonfire which was by the swimming pool.
The key message I got from Word camp was;  content and internet access via mobile is a key aspect when devising ways to propagate content in Africa. Top amongst them all was “Be a positive influence” which was delivered in soft copy by word of mouth and as hard copies on the T-shirts.
My most out of the ordinary bit was the “night I was exorcised”. Kumbe watu wanaweza fungua roho bila kulima drinks (so folks can talk w/o taking one for the road!). It was a session I would like to attend anytime in the future. The message across the room was clear that 2007/08 was a trying moment for this nation and that nailed the message home to be the +ve influence on social media.
Let me now share some memorable quotes I took with me:
“Social media has given a voice to the voiceless, but at the same time it is a privilege that should not be abused.”
“Whatever is illegal offline is still illegal online”
“The Kenyan bloggers can shape the consciousness of Kenya people. Everyone has a role;If u try you may loose, if you don’t you have lost”
“Politicians promise to build bridges even where rivers do not exist”
All in all  this year’s theme was well-timed, well-put and well-presented. See you all at next year’s Wordcamp.


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