First day at the Asian tiger, Singapore

It was my first time in Singapore and the thing I wanted to see the most is the status of this Asian tiger since I hear that Kenya was at par economically with Singapore in the 60s. To set the record straight, it is abusive to compare Singapore with Kenya even from the air you breathe while you arrive at the airport let alone the airport itself which is a 13km2 monster. Anyway, we possibly will enlarge our own  JKIA but the land grabbers would not let us do it. Just before we land the pilot does his usual thing of briefing us about the weather outside but this one was a modified edition strictly for Singapore since it had the ‘chilling’ statement; “Ladies and gentlemen, drugs in Singapore are illegal and if you are caught with any, capital punishment shall be administered”

To hell with that, I am not the Kabogos and Mwaus. As I proceed to the V hotel Lavender I meet with the Mozilla chairlady Mitchel Baker at the metro station and she shows us our way to there. Yes that is how Mozillians role! I freshen up and head to the Youth Park where the reception of the ~ 200 Mozillians is done. On my way there, I could notice other Mozillians along the way at least from their T-shirts.

The first item in the wait in line was the country faire where all countries present what they have been doing at their respective geographies. From Mozilla stuff to cultural stuff and other awesome stuff. The most memorable part of the night is the Gangnam style dance by some random Mozillians and trust me they can dance. Our choreographer Rowe was awesome and the Gangnam style sinks home within few minutes.


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